With humble beginnings, producing hand-made strings on their Italian farm in the mid-1600's, the D'Addario family has a long history of creating top quality strings. A move to America in the early 1900s only fuelled their obsession, and ever since, the D'Addario family has sought the opinions and advice of musicians, and integrated them into their products. D'Addario's NYXL strings from are no exception; musicians asked for stronger, louder, more stable and resistant strings, and after much research and development, D'addario delivered. NYXL strings feature a break-resistant high-carbon steel core with plain steel alloy, resulting in more output, more presence, and most importantly, more crunch. We've got a wide range of D'Addario strings, including XLs, NYXLs and EJs. Head down to our store in Newstead, the closest music store to Brisbane city, or check out the products below!