Trade-Ins & Consignment Sales

We are a licensed secondhand dealer.  With over 40 years of industry experience and contacts, we can help you sell your instrument or trade it on to something new.



  • Bring the item in for inspection
  • If this is not possible, you can provide photos and as much information as possible via email.  If we agree to trade your item, you can arrange to ship it to us.
  • Choose your new purchase that you are trading against
  • We offer a changeover amount to purchase the new item
  • You fill out some quick paperwork relating to your trade in item
  • Pay the changeover figure, leave your item and be on your way with your brand new purchase.  Simple!
  • We don't usually trade on secondhand items for sale.  We also don't do straight swaps.


  • Bring the item in for inspection
  • We negotiate an agreed minimum sell price.
  • We remove our 20% commission from this price, giving you the minimum price you receive upon its sale.
  • Complete our Consignment Agreement
  • Your item is left with us until it is sold, or you wish it returned to you.  We ask for a minimum exclusive period of 30 days to ensure we have a fair chance of selling it.
  • We pay you the agreed amount by direct deposit within 30 days of the sale

For example -

We agree that your item would sell at a fair price of $500.  After our commission, this leaves you with $400, which you are happy with.  We actually sell your item for $550.  This gives you an actual take home amount of $440.

If we are in negotiations with a customer and receive an offer which is below your minimum agreed amount, we will not sell the item unless we make contact with you and confirm if you would accept the lower price.


The seller remains the owner of the property until it is sold.  Riffs & Licks is acting as an agent on your behalf to sell your goods.  We recommend you list your property on the Australian Personal Property Securities Register to ensure your interest in your property is secured.

Please click here for more information on why you should register on the PPSR.

Please note that as we do not own your item, our insurance policy will not cover it.  Whilst our store is a highly secure business & we endeavour to look after your items with the greatest of care whilst in our posession, we will not be held liable for any damage, wear & tear, misuse, theft or any other loss of your item whilst it is in our store.  We highly recommend that you check your insurance policy to ensure you are covered whilst your property is left with us.